About Us

Who We Are and How We're Different

BlueFrog is a customer focused contract embroidery and screen printing company that places its highest values on excellence in customer service, quality, speed, and a healthy workplace culture.

Customer Service is #1


At BlueFrog we embrace customer service as our most central and distinguishing value as a contract embroidery and screen printing company. Our business partnerships with ad specialty distributors and apparel manufacturers are founded on creating a seamless and worry free experience from the moment a quote is requested until the order ships and the tracking numbers are e-mailed to our customers. Our high level of customer service comes from our commitment to technology, personnel, and continuous process and self improvement. With every order the following is provided at no charge:

Dedicated project manager

  • Emailed receiving summaries sent out within 24 hours to let you know that your order has been received complete and accurate. If you are missing garments, we will let you know right away
  • E-proofs indicating thread color or pms color, logo size, and placement
  • Automated emailed tracking numbers when your order ships

Quality is Essential

Our quality comes from experience and our passion to be the best at what we do. Our lead operators on both the day and night shifts have over 35 years combined experience working in larger contract embroidery and screen printing facilities where they have mastered the craft of working with various fabrics, placements, and types of embroidery and screen printing such as appliqué, 3D puffy embroidery, foil transfer, simulated process printing. We understand the importance of impressing your clients with a quality product each and every time. Our commitment to quality and your satisfaction is the key to our success. We understand the value of a happy customer and strive to ensure that you will be impressed with any project you give BlueFrog.

I need it NOW!

Our speed comes from our capacity and our process. Our standard turn around time for orders less than 1000 pieces is 5 working days from the receipt of the goods and proof approval. With 15,000 square feet, 6 dedicated project managers, 60 full-time employees, 64 heads of embroidery, 3 screen presses, and 24-hour operation we get your order done when you need it.

A Healthy Company Culture

Our dedication to customer service, quality, and speed is matched by our dedication to a positive workplace for all of our employees. Our office and production staff are paid well above industry standards. We structure our company in this fashion because we believe in honesty and integrity, and we believe that well-compensated employees lead to well-serviced customers.

Why The Name BlueFrog?

Frogs are one of the most accurate indicators of the health of any earthly environment. Companies should similarly be very self-aware of the health of their own business ecology. If we do not maintain a robust combination of customer service, quality, speed, and employee satisfaction, the Frog will not survive. The Blue in our company name is for rarity. The Amazon basin's Blue Frog is a rare species, and we believe true excellence and passion in customer service is rare as well—and worth preserving.